Artificial Grass


Forget The Weather And The Maintenance Needed To Maintain A Lawn, With Our Quality Artifical Grass

Artificial Grass

Artificial grass is the best option for those wanting the perfect lawn all year around. With a proper installation including a membrane, your weeding days will be over and your mower will be redundant.

All of the ground preparation required will be done by our own team which means that we can complete the entire job from start to finish.

Our grass is of the highest quality and comes in a range of realistic colours and thicknesses with options to suit all budgets.


Having and nurturing a real lawn can be an emotional thing. For many people, the effort required to cultivate the prefect lawn is an exciting challenge and the beautiful result will speak for itself. Additionally, real grass is very cost effective and anyone who has walked barefoot across an artificial lawn on a hot summers day, will already be aware of how hot it gets in comparison to grass.

A real lawn is also wildlife-friendly and kind to the environment unlike artificial grass, which will inevitably end up in landfill.

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