Make A Feature With A Beautiful Deck Or Add Raised Decking To Utilise The Most Uneven Of Areas

Timber decking is a great choice and has become an extremely popular alternative to traditional hard surfaces such as patios. One fantastic advantage of decking is that it can raised and therefore compensate for sloping or uneven ground also minimising excavation preparation.

Decking gives your garden a natural look and is perfect for children to play on, for dining, relaxing in the sun or as an outdoor extension to your living room. Decking provides flexibility and allows the creation of a completely unique outdoor space with the option of multi-level / split designs with a range of add-ons such as rails, steps and lighting.

Decking is very environmentally friendly in comparison to the intensive production process used to manufacture man-made materials used in a typical garden. Decking is also a more environmentally friendly option even compared to other natural products that unlike timber, are not renewable and consume more energy to mine than harvesting and conversion of timber to decking.

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Your decking design does not stop at the deck itself and there is a huge range of add-ons both practical and visually stunning to complete your decking design. We can enhance your decking with any add-ons that you wish including timber and glass balustrade. Choosing decking balustrade can seem daunting with so many options but our knowledgeable team will guide you through the process. Choosing glass for balustrade is a great option not just for decking but can be used for balconies, patios, terraces and pools.

Natural Timber – Hardwood

Getting a wood deck is a high quality natural option that will withstand the test of time. Natural wood decking does require a little extra maintenance and will need to be sealed and stained at some point, however the cost effectiveness and environmentally benefits of using wood make this a great option that won't break the bank.


Composite decking has improved significantly in recent years so represents a great low maintenance option for your deck. Composite decking usually consists of some type of plastic that depending on the product choice, may be made from recycled products. Composite decking is scratch proof and includes UV protection and is easily cleaned with a jet washer to remove mold, pollen and unwanted gifts from garden birds.