Whatever Style You Have In Mind, We Create Driveways That Cause Passers-by To Stop And Admire

Whilst a driveway is considered practical and perhaps a necessity, it can also be visually stunning and with our design and installation experience, we will work with you to understand your requirements and provide inspirational, practical and bespoke design advice to ensure that your new and unique driveway exceeds all expectations.

We source only high quality materials and have the knowledge, skill and equipment needed for projects of any size.

At MJL&C, we can build your perfect driveway that will not only be durable, practical and aesthetically pleasing but will also increase the value of your property.

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Block Paving

Block paving is a common and decorative method of creating a visually pleasing hardstand or driveway where blocks can be laid differently to create a number of different patterns. Block paving is long lasting and a significant benefit of using bricks over other materials is that damaged or worn blocks can be individually replaced.

Concrete Imprint

Pattern Imprinted Concrete (PIC) is a relatively new option for driveways especially desirable for a visually appealing finish. Made to last, requiring little or no maintenance including preventing weeds, after the concrete is poured, a pattern map is applied to it in order to replicate other materials such as textured stone or blocks. The PIC installation process requires specialist tools including the expensive pattern mats and shouldn’t be attempted by regular block pavers or landscapers. However at MJL&C, we have our own mats and have significant experience in this area for your piece of mind.


Whilst tarmac has been used for road surfaces for over 100 years, it remains a very popular option for driveways due to its high durability, taking heavy weights without causing any damage. Tarmac is designed to withstand extreme weather conditions, requires very little maintenance, can be easily cleaned and will not fade in the sun. It’s not just about practicality though as tarmac can be edged with blocks to add visual appeal and also now comes in a range of colours, not just the traditional black.


Resin bound surfacing is made from a mixture of aggregate stones and resin and is permeable allowing water to freely drain. Whilst a relatively new product, due to the advances in polymer and epoxy, a resin-bounded driveway is an excellent option and available in a wide range of colours. The surface is also less prone to cracking than tarmac and very resilient so able to stand the test of time including UV protection to prevent fading.