Garden Design


Expert Garden Design With 3d Plans, Allowing You To Experience Your Outdoor Space Before It Exists

At MJL&C, we will give your garden an amazing makeover so you can enjoy the great outdoors in the privacy of your own garden. We can renovate your outdoor space with artificial grass, patios, decking or for a complete transformation, we can help you to re-design your entire garden with many features such as pathways, ponds, walling and flower beds to your exact taste and budget.

Whilst we have the expertise to create and build any garden, we will provide free consultation, design assistance and ideas in advance to ensure complete clarity on your vision before commencing your job.

Before we start, it is important for us to determine how you want the space to be used. For example, do you want an area for growing vegetables, a low maintenance space or maybe somewhere to eat with family or to entertain friends?

Whatever you decide, we can allocate the space exactly as you require so contact us now for a no obligation quote.

3D Design Service

If you would like to take your design to the next level, we work in partnership with a complete garden design service. The team will create a design in 3D so you can best understand and input into the designer’s vision allowing you to experience your new outdoor space in 3D before we have even laid a slab. If you decide to utilise this additional service, organising this through MJL&C will also guarantee you a discount on the design service (YouTube Designer Channel).

The designers offer a range of bespoke services to suit any budget and can create gardens of all shapes and sizes. In conjunction with our trusted partner, together we can source any type of plant including large or unusual specimens as well as designing bespoke garden features.