Most Projects Will Need Some Ground Preparation And We Have The Skill And Equiment To Undertake All Of The Work

Landscaping Groundwork

Carefully planning your landscape project can lead to years of enjoyment and increase the value of your home but for MJL&C, the planning starts much earlier with the groundwork necessary to ensure that that your design has the proper base to last for many years.

MJL&C carry out all groundwork including excavation ourselves and we have the expertise, experience and equipment to ensure that your garden doesn’t only look great, but is based on the most solid of foundations.

For projects that need more than just the correct ground preparation, we will expertly mark-out, dig and pour the concrete for your footings to safely distribute the weight of your construction.

We also undertake much larger and commercial groundwork projects


A goal of many landscaping projects is for the ground to be level but this presents issues with rainwater in the UK. We have X years experience in landscaping and have the knowledgeto properly manage the rain water to ensure that your installation is not prone to flooding which can result in swamped lawns and damage to expensive plants.

Some landscapers will often overlook drainage but at MCL&C we will analyse the garden and manage the water correctly but can design and introduce a drainage system if necessary.

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