Transform Your Garden With A Variety Of Wall Types For Framing Your Features To Perimeter Walls

Garden walls have practical purposes but can also define the style and space of your garden and property. Professionally constructed walls built by MJL&C can be built for privacy, security, to divide space within your garden, as a decorative feature to complement your patio or driveway or to retain soil when changing the level of the garden.

Our highly skilled team specialise in all aspects of garden walling and stonework and is experienced working with a wide range of materials both traditional and contemporary including natural stone, brick, block, roughcasting and rendering.

We also install practical walls including retaining walls for all size projects, not just for gardens.

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Block and Render

Rendering is the process of covering the exterior of a wall surface with sand & cement, lime or a synthetic resin based coloured render. Rendering will give your wall protection from the UK weather but can also be used as a way brightening up a garden as opposed to using bricks that will become faded and shabby over time.


Brick walling is a hardwearing and long lasting choice and whilst more expensive than fencing to begin with, brick is far more durable and relatively maintenance free. Whilst bricks are available in numerous colours and with different finishes for front-facing surfaces, if your home has a brick construction, brick garden walls can bring a consistency to your property as well as increased privacy.


Whilst stone can be more expensive than brick, stone is stronger and has many options for a decorative or ornamental look. Natural stone does not only add visual appeal but can add value to your home and if designed and constructed well and with quality materials, your garden and perimeter walls can become a focal point.



Sleepers are an increasingly popular garden feature as a versatile option that is practical for support uses and can also be used as a stylish piece in their own right. Sleepers come in hardwood and softwood and are perfect for raised flowerbeds. And to add a bit of history to your outdoor space, we can supply reclaimed railway sleepers.